1. Our home is a non smoking vacation rental. This does also include the lanai/pool area. We ask for your understanding for this decision.
  2. As there are guests who are allergic to pets, the cottage is not rented to guests bringing their pets. We ask for your understanding for this decision.
  3. The grill must be cleaned after use, otherwise an additional cleaning fee of $ 60 will be charged. If the gas bottle is used up, it must be refilled.
  4. The dishes must be put in the dishwasher on the last day and the dishwasher must be switched on.
  5. Please be so kind and make sure that you close all doors & windows in those months in which you use the air condition "A / C", as the power consumption is enormously.
  6. Waste, left overs, small food particles and other things like crumbs etc. must be completely removed from the terrace, otherwise the ants are attracted.
  7. The beaches in Florida are known for their richness and beauty of the shell you can find there seashells, starfish, sand dollars. It is not allowed to take shells from the beach and to be brought into the house (vermin) Avoid collecting surviving beach dollars and dry, as they emit a harsh dye that leave stains that are impossible to remove.
  8. The house must be hand backed to the property manager in good condition.
  9. Please use in your own interest of hygiene and to avoid any odor, plastic bags in the trash bin in the kitchen, as well as for the dustbin in which you throw the trash.
  10. There is a garbage disposal for household waste and Recycling. Recycling consists of: plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. In the house you will find a special recycling box. If this box is not enough space, the waste can be also placed in a plastic bag. It must be made clear to what rubbish it is. The dissipation days you can see from the information file that is in the house.
    If you have any questions, please contact the property management.
  11. There is also a night's sleep in Florida from 10 pm - 6 am. Hold this night's rest, and please do not disturb their neighbors in this time due to noise. Your neighbors are Americans who need to get up early in the morning and go to work.
  12. Nudism and “topless” is strictly prohibited in Florida.
  13. Please pay attention after bathing in the pool, so that the house is still dry inside. Therefore please do not enter the house with wet feet. Please consider that the outer covering on the terrace can be slippery when it gets wet. “Slip hazard.
    Please don’ t look the screen door from the garden to the pool area, so that the caretakers still can retain access.
    Once a week the pool service comes to control the water quality and clean the pool.
  14. General note: The building services (pool, lawn sprinklers, etc.) is tuned to the house and set. Please don't adjust anything here, because it may cause problems otherwise. If you still do not agree with something, please inform the property manager. They will take care of immediate efforts.
    See also our services.
  15. The house has an alarm system. Please turn it on when leaving the house (trips and when you return home)! Disregarding the tenant is liable for damages. The above points are elements of the contract. We ask you to note this.
  16. The drainage pipes are very small and cramped and can clog very quickly if a lot of toilet paper is thrown into the toilet. Please do not throw napkins or tampons down the toilet and always by press the toilet flush completely.
  17. Please report any damages.

Home appliances and furniture

As the home appliances and furniture can be different in the houses, you
will find some general directions of use in the following. If there are some
problems with using a device, please apply to our property management.

Air conditioning system (ACS)

The recommended temperature is 79F, significant lower temperatures
could harm your health (earache, sore throat, common cold). Please
keep the windows and doors closed, as otherwise valuable energy will
be wasted needlessly.

Fridge with automatic ice generator

Please adjust the temperature of the fridge in consideration of the
content of the fridge. By faulty temperatures valuable energy will be
wasted. The automatic ice generator is located in the cooling area, you
can make ice cubes by turning down the wired switch which is above the
collection container. On the day of your departure please leave the fridge
turned on, the procedure of emptying, cleaning and turning off will be
performed by us. In normal case you should not change the
temperature of the fridge.


The cooktops can be adjusted with the relevant switches from warm to
hot. The baking oven can be turned on with the switch BAKE/BROIL, the
temperature can be adjusted by using the rotary switch.

Significant soilings can be cleaned by using the natural purification,
please push the "CLEAN" button and close the oven door. Please consider
that the oven door cannot be re-opened for the duration of 3 hours.
Soilings of the ceramic glass cooktops have to be cleaned immediately by
using some dish liquid.


It is not self-evident to have an BBQ in a vacation home, therefore | ask
you to leave the BBQ in a condition as you would like to find it. You will
find the instruction manual in the kitchen, as well as the BBQ gloves and
BBQ silverware. Please clean the BBQ after every use and pull the
protective cover across the BBQ when the BBQ is cold again. You can get
the propane gas for the BBQ at every gas station, at Wal Mart or The
Home Depot. Please take along the empty bottle for refill. Don't soil the pool area with grease by improperly use of the BBQ, otherwise you will
get severe troubles with ants.